Donald O. Nicholson

“At the core of our professional business services, we turn seemingly impossible goals into positive bottom-line results. We provide the talent, support, and experience you need to make your business go zoom!”

- Founder and President, Donald O. Nicholson


What others are saying:

"Don is a true leader whose enthusiasm and drive is contagious."

"Don would be effective with any business team!"

"Don's professional support and expertise was instrumental..."

"Don has a unique ability to push you beyond the limits you set for yourself..."

"We saw an increase in profits that exceeded one million dollars."

"Success follows Don wherever he goes!"


OUR ServiceS



Our placement services offer recruiting and pre-assessment of executives and professionals to identify those candidates best suited to lead or join your team. 

Coaching & Training

World-class coaching and training programs help you and your team achieve your goals. Programs include our own exclusive sales team and sales manager curricula as well as masterminding, coaching, seminars, and leadership assessments certified by The John Maxwell Team.

Managed Services

We offer full-service management of benefits, accounting and compliance functions to meet regulatory, company and fiscal goals while allowing your team to focus on delivering value to your customers.


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